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Team bonding and Brotherhood.

With the lucrative opportunities available to the players of Asia and the South Pacific today being greater than ever, a sense of responsibility amongst these players has grown with it. 

The creation of the APBs in Hong Kong, the financial heartbeat of the global game, will develop a brand that will be focused on assisting Sporting Development across Asia and the Pacific Islands.

The APBs will not only support a range of nominated Charities that will directly benefit the Asia Pacific Region, they will also contribute to the development of future Asia and Pacific players, help support current players will residing abroad and invest in the sporting infrastructure of the area.

This is not only in fitting with the traditional values of Rugby Union, but it also promotes the camaraderie of the players who will be recognised for their generosity and contribution to the development of sport in their respective nations.

Giving back will help create a legacy that will see the Asian Pacific Rugby Nations join the top table of this Global Sport.

As a testimony to the APB mission, Rugby Academies and Schools have been set up in Hong Kong with the hope of expanding them to Fiji and Tonga before the end of the year.
Company Overview

The Brothers

Just how good would the Asian and Pacific Teams be if they could keep all of their talent in one team? The APBs will be the dream team of Asia Pacific featuring players of residence or origins from Asia and the Pacific Islands.


The APBs is an innovative, Hong Kong based, Invitational Rugby Club specifically created for established players and legendary coaches with origins or residence in Asia and the Pacific Islands.

It is proposed the team will play one-off matches against established Clubs, Provincial and International Rugby Union teams across the Rugby World. 

These high profile contests will ensure that the Rugby Playing Asia Pacific Nations gain continual recognition for their contribution to the development of Rugby as a World Inclusive Sport.

Such is the breadth of talent available; the Club can invite players to compete with both the best in the World on a major scale but also against low standard national teams and club teams to assist with the development of Rugby as a true global game. For each fixture, the 'Brothers' Club invite 2 to 4 players from other nations around the world to join their team. This is done in the hope of building and enhancing relationships with other players and rugby clubs all around the world.

Alongside each major game, a series of local community projects will be undertaken to not only promote the image of Asia Pacific Rugby, but to help develop the game in the local area. These projects will give young fans a chance to meet the stars of the game, learn some new skills in a training camp or social environment and learn about the fascinating Asian and Pacific Cultures. 

The rugby ethos of the Asian Pacific Player is based on extreme attacking flair and a devastating defensive style that will always ensure a high level of interest anywhere in the World when this team is in town. 

The APBs will inspire young players in the Asia Pacific region to excel at their Sport and enable them to represent their country and become professional players themselves. These players will then also be able to contribute and give something back, a process that will aid the sustainability of such a project.
We know no other way of playing rugby but to entertain....This is the original champagne rugby skill club. APBs is the name!
General Information
The APBs Club helps and developed sports talents in Asia Pacific Region, a chance to play together with 'Brothers' from home and to give something back to the region. Come watch the most exciting talents in rugby coming together in APBs rugby fixtures.